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Making one mistake with a controlled substance — or being at the wrong place at the wrong time — shouldn't sentence you to jail time, fines and the lifetime consequences that come with a criminal record.

When you or a loved one faces drug charges in South Carolina, you don't need a lawyer who will judge you. You need a lawyer who has a passion for standing up to the government's claims and who will do whatever it takes to help you keep your freedom. For Berkeley County criminal defense attorney Jeffrey S. Weathers, no drug offense is minor, and whether our client is a first-time or repeat offender, he has the experience and aggressiveness to help our clients when they need help most.

Don't agree to work with the prosecutor because it seems like the easiest option before speaking with a lawyer about all your options. Call our Moncks Corner office at 843-438-4087 for a free consultation.

First-Time Possession Charge? Repeat Distribution Charge? We Can Help.

The potential consequences of a criminal conviction vary significantly based on the substance involved; whether the charge is for simple possession, possession with intent to distribute, or trafficking; and whether a client has a prior criminal record.

We represent people charged at the state and federal level with crimes involving all controlled substances, which include:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription medication

Even simple marijuana possession can result in jail time and significant fines, but no matter what charges are involved, we can work with prosecutors to have charges reduced or eliminated entirely. In some cases — especially those involving repeat offenses or large-scale trafficking — our strategy may shift to minimizing the jail time our client faces. In every case, we will only ever do what is in a client's absolute best interest, and we will always be straightforward about how a case is likely to be resolved.

You need a lawyer to help keep you out of jail. You also need a lawyer to help keep your record clean so you can apply for jobs, get loans and even be eligible for certain government benefits.

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If you face drug possession or distribution charges in South Carolina, we're on your side. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey S. Weathers, LLC, for a free consultation: Email us or call 843-438-4087.

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