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Don't let one mistake cost you your freedom and your record. Even worse, don't let errors and false accusations by the government cost you your freedom and your record.

Authorities prosecute DUI/DWI charges aggressively, and the penalties for a DUI conviction in South Carolina can be steep. Whether you did in fact have alcohol or drugs in your system, or the police merely relied on questionable evidence, you can't afford not to have an experienced lawyer handling your case. Moncks Corner attorney Jeffrey S. Weathers handles criminal defense in Berkeley County and all surrounding areas, and he has more than 15 years of experience fighting for our clients' freedom.

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When Your Legal Rights Are On The Line, Our Firm Is Here

Although not very common, jail time is a possibility even for a first-time DUI conviction. A suspended license, administrative penalties and increased insurance premiums, however, are definitely on the table. Also, any DUI conviction — whether your first or your third — can make it difficult if not impossible to get certain types of jobs ... or even keep the job you already have.

Having our experienced attorney represent you means you will have an advocate ready to challenge the government's evidence and make strategic plea deal offers to the prosecutor. Prosecutors are willing to consider pretrial intervention and other alternatives to trying a case; it just takes a skilled lawyer and negotiator to convince the government that what's best for you is also what's best for the state.

If you're a commercial driver and have been charged with DUI — whether or not you were on the clock — your job is on the line. We can help you keep your record clean and you behind the wheel.

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