Domestic Violence Charges

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Domestic violence charges can be some of the most stressful to face. So many assault and battery charges are the result of disagreements between spouses or couples that were never intended to turn physical. It can be scary to think of facing jail time because of an argument or a misunderstanding that simply got too heated.

Domestic violence charges do not have to end in jail time for the person accused. Attorney Jeffrey S. Weathers and our Moncks Corner criminal defense practice have been helping people charged with crimes in South Carolina for more than 15 years. When we take on a case, we begin working right away to figure out the best strategy to give our client the best possible outcome. Often, we can get charges dropped or at least reduced so our client faces less severe consequences. We can negotiate with prosecutors for a reasonable plea bargain or take a case to court and make the government prove its case. Whichever way we go, our clients know that we are always acting in their best interests.

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Know What You're Up Against If You've Been Charged With Domestic Abuse

How aggressive our legal team will need to be in your case depends on whether you are being charged with a first criminal domestic violence (CDV) offense, or a second or even third offense.

The maximum punishment for a first-time CDV offense is $1,000 and 30 days in jail. For a second offense, however, the fine doubles to $2,000 and a conviction can result in a mandatory 30-day jail sentence. A third conviction is considered a felony and can result in one year in jail.

Many people don't realize that in South Carolina, conviction of a CDV offense allows the government to prevent you from carrying a weapon. This matters for anyone in Moncks Corner, Goose Creek or other parts of the region who hunts or uses firearms recreationally.

Sometimes, an accuser will drop charges once he or she has had a chance to cool off. When the government presses on with charges, we will look at every available option — including pretrial diversion and treatment programs for first-time offenders.

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