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south carolina criminal defense lawyersSouth Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers

Are you facing criminal, domestic violence or DUI charges in South Carolina? Are you in fear of what could happen to your life if you are ultimately convicted? A criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor, can turn your life upside down now and in the future. If the offense is serious enough it may haunt you forever and will exert it’s effects on many areas of your life.

The consequences of a criminal conviction in South Carolina are extremely serious and it is not something you should face alone. Depending on your criminal history, the crime you are accused of and the circumstances surrounding your arrest you may face legal and administrative consequences such as:


Loss of driving privileges

Jail time or prison sentence

Community service


House arrest

Change in academic status if college student

Change in child custody status

The South Carolina legal system is very complex and is not something you should attempt to navigate through alone. Contact our skilled criminal defense attorneys if you are facing any of the following types of charges or situations:

Bench warrant(s)



Drug crimes (felony and misdemeanor)

Juvenile offenses


Property crimes

Violent crimes

College student crimes

Our Moncks Corner South Carolina criminal defense attorneys have many years combined experience handling all types of criminal matters and DUI cases. We will use our extensive experience to effectively defend your rights. Please contact our Moncks Corner criminal defense lawyers. We offer free consultations to those facing criminal charges throughout South Carolina.

Our Moncks Corner South Carolina criminal defense attorneys serve many areas of South Carolina including Berkeley County, Charleston County, Clarendon County, Dorchester County, Georgetown County, Orangeburg County & Williamsburg County, SC.



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